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Chris Norman, Smokie - I'll Meet You at Midnight

Smokie is an English rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire who found success in Europe in the 1970s. They hit the British pop charts several times during the late '70s with updated psychedelic pop. The band hit British charts in 1976-1979. The quartet members were vocalist Chris Norman, bassist Terry Utley, guitarist Alan Silson, drummer Pete Spencer. In early 80s Smokie disbanded. Later the band was reformed. It remains active nowadays.

Chris Norman (born in 1950) is an English soft rock singer. Norman was the lead singer of Smokie, an English glam rock band from Bradford.


Smokie - I'll Meet You At Midnight (1976)

A summer evening on Les Champs Elyses
A secret rendezvous they planned for days
I see faces in the crowded cafe
A sound of laughter as the music plays.

Jeanne-Claude was student at the University
Louise-Marie is just a world away
He recalled the night they met was warm with laughter
The words and music as she turned away.

I'll meet you at midnight
Under the moonlight
I'll meet you at midnight
Oh, but Jeanne-Claude,
Louise-Marie will never be

Each cigarette would light a thousand faces
Each hour passing like a thousand years
Midnight was turning into empty spaces
The sound of laughter disappeared


A summer morning on Les Champs Elyses
The empty table in the street cafe
The sunlight melting through an open doorway
Jeanne-Claude has left to face another day ...

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